About Us

Our Purpose

GEM was formed to provide the highest quality affordable housing for our residents, the most fulfilling employment experience for our staff members, lasting relationships with our partners and superior long-term financial results for our investors.



GEM’s core values are the essence of our company.
These values are the principles and beliefs that guide us in company decisions to achieve our purpose.

  • Team

    While all of our residents, employees, partners and investors are individuals with different priorities, we stress team work above all individual goals. We believe a group of individuals that come together for a common purpose and goal will achieve positive results.
  • Optimism

    We believe that through our efforts we can make the lives of our residents, employees, partners and investors better. We approach every opportunity and challenge with the belief that problems will be solved by outcomes that benefit everyone.  
  • Integrity

    We are guided by our belief in honesty in all relationships whether it be with our residents, employees, partners or investors. We will have accomplishments and make mistakes, but we will always be upfront and own our actions. Accountability is a cornerstone value for our company.
  • Commitment

    We are dedicated to our statement of purpose in all of our business activities and will work tirelessly to achieve our goals.
  • Respect

    We operate in a spirit of kindness by treating others as we expect to be treated, making every effort to show everyone the deepest respect. Through listening and collaboration, we strive to demonstrate respect and professionalism, ensuring we recognize each other’s differences and value human dignity.