Joining Our Team

GEM is a team of individuals that have come together for a common goal and commitment to offer our residents the highest quality affordable housing. We accomplish this through our efforts to make the lives of our residents better. GEM associates are a family whose relationships are built on integrity and accountability. Our team operates in a spirit of kindness by treating others as we expect to be treated and making every effort to show people the deepest respect. We strive to demonstrate kindness and professionalism through listening and collaboration, ensuring we recognize each other’s differences and value human dignity.


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  • Carla H. 
    I have always had a passion for helping others, and I have found that working for GEM Management has enabled me not only to accomplish this goal, but to make a positive impact on the community where I live. The professionalism and work ethic that I come across at work each day make it enjoyable to come to work and has exceeded my expectations. I leave each day with great satisfaction knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life. I face new challenges every day, and the management staff not only give me the flexibility and support to solve problems, but they also give me the resources I need. I have the freedom to express my ideas and concerns and have all thoughts considered. The people at GEM Management genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team to accomplish the goal of helping others. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this team and feel that I am part of a family, not just a company.
    Carla H. 
  • Melissa W.
    I have been with GEM Management, LLC for a total of six and a half years. The first four-and-a-half years I worked as a Property Manager and for the last two years as a Senior Property Manager. I have enjoyed working for GEM since day one. GEM Management is not just a management company. It is a family unit with the greatest support system that anyone could ever need to succeed. We work together daily as we strive to give our residents a safe and beautiful environment that they are proud to call home. It has been and still is a blessing and honor waking up every day knowing at I am going to be working with the best group of people who share the same goals of working hard to ensure our communities remain a wonderful place to live.
    Melissa W.
  • Chris P.
    I am proud of the company that I work for. GEM has continued to grow and evolve, while still maintaining the quality and care that drew me to this company four years ago. There is a team atmosphere at work from top to bottom that drives us to continually reach the goals that are set before us. I know that I can depend on my fellow GEM employees whenever I need guidance or a hand. The corporate office and upper management are very knowledgeable professionals. GEM holds its properties and employees to high standards to better serve its residents. It is an honor to work for a company that makes the resident the top priority, and it shows.
    Chris P.